Aurora Highlights

Custom interface elements that enhance Xamarin.Forms

Gradient Pill Button

This is a button with a gradient applied to it. Perfect for matching the theme of your app, all that needs to be done is provide it with your choice of colors and Aurora does the rest, perfectly blending it in a pleasant manner.

Donut Chart

Visualizing data within your app is never easy. But Aurora provides several controls to do so, of which the Donut Chart is one of them. Make a simple chart display the difference between two values. Just provide the values and let the Donut Chart do the rest. You can even customize the size and shape and colors as easily as any other value.

Float Label Entry

A standard text entry field, or so it seems. With the ability to customize the size of the control, the font and the colors (in addition to applying any of Aurora’s provided effects) a standard text field becomes enriched by Aurora.

Card View

A layout that mimics the cards found within the App Store. These can be implemented in any scenario allowing for rich displays of graphics and text in your app. Grab a user’s attention or display a more vibrant, interactive interface to them. Aurora frees this style of interface from the App Store and makes it presentable anywhere in your app.

Circular Gauge

The Circular Gauge gives a way to highlight values being used within your app. Use it as a graph, a supplement to a chart or as a simple volume indicator. Its simplicity in use allows it to be profound in its application, as all Aurora controls can be!

Gradient Color View

This is a view that can be applied as a background or any other circumstance as seen fit. Like the Pill Button equivalent, simply supply two colors and watch the control itself do the blending. For added flair you can apply animations, sepia tones, pixelation, or any of the many other effects Aurora provides.


Design a tile button that is just right for your app and its interface. The Tile will take an image you supply and add it to the button. Use it to visually indicate functionality of the button. Then, adjust the color of the background and font, the roundness of the corners, the depth of the shadow. Simply and easily!

Step Indicator

Need to indicate the position in a multiscreen workflow? The Step Indicator will do just that. With a plethora of choices for the amount of steps, the colors of each element and the size of the indicator, it can be easy to detail this element of an interface with a few simple lines of code, all while maintaining the perfect look and functionality of your design.

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Arrow Overlay View


Banner View

Banner View

Calendar Picker


Check Box


Circular Exclusion View

circular exclusion

Circular Gradient View


Confetti View


Control Panel Slider

control panel slider

Crop Image


Cupertino Button

cupertino button

Cupertino Toggle Switch

toggle switch

Cupertino Activity Indicator

Cupertino activity indicator

Flat Button

flat button

Float Label Date Picker

float label date picker

Float Label Editor

float label editor

Float Label Numeric Entry

float label numeric decimal

Float Label Picker Control

Float Label Date Picker

Float Label Time Picker

Float Label Entry Control

Gradient Circular Button

gradient circular button

Image Button

SVG image button

Material Toggle Switch

material switches

Notification Badge

notification badge

Numeric Bumper

Numeric Bumper

Signature Pad

Aurora Signature Pad



Touch Blur Image

touch blur image

Tutorial Overlay Control

tutorial overlay control

Zoomable Image

Circular Fill Gauge

Circular Fill Gauge

Linear Gauge

Linear Gauge

Material Circular

Material Circular

Nofriendo Loading


Rainbow Ring Loading

Rainbow Ring Loading

Waves Loading

Waves Loading

Image Processing

Image Processing